About Think Water

Corporate Profile

Think Water (formerly the Independent Water Group) is a leading national network of independently owned water services businesses.

We specialise in the design and implementation of the most efficient irrigation and water management programs for clients across all sectors and all regions of Australia.

About Think Water Melbourne

Think Water Melbourne (Planned Irrigation Projects) was formed in 1983 as an agricultural and residential irrigation business.

We have grown into one of the leading irrigation installation companies in Victoria, and now have expertise in town water and waste treatment facilities.

Today the company employs over 30 full time staff experienced in project management, installation, maintenance, design and supply for agricultural, sports turf and landscape irrigation as well as shop and store management. We have been involved in the design and installation of some of the most significant irrigation systems in Australia.

         Think Water Melbourne

  Specializing in Commercial,
  Agricultural and Pumping
  Installations since 1983


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